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We give you constant confidence in your security posture.

For more than 10 years, DGTech has pursued a single goal: to empower and protect the enterprise with continuous security assurance for people, systems, and information.

  • • We conduct assessments for and defend the most-attacked networks in the world
  • • DGTech professionals have conducted risk assessments
  • • The firstcommercial web-based risk management and security compliance application
  • Reduces your costs for assessment and authorization by up to 70 percent
  • • Integrator of record for the identity application
  • • Secure communications system of record and the Intelligence Community
  • DGTech Partner Program


    A successful partnership means:

  • • Respect and trust among all parties
  • • Commitment to achieving the common goal
  • • A shared vision for what can be created
  • • Good communication to make sure we stay on track

  • DGTech Consultant pursues strategic partnerships that leverage strengths in government and commercial markets. Potential partners include integrators, consulting firms, product companies, and educational institutions. The goal of each partnership is to exceed the expectations of the end user while providing a fruitful return on investment for all parties involved.