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Protecting your interests when a security incident occurs

A security incident can have varying degrees of impact on an organization: what steps should be taken? Who should be called? What are the financial or legal ramifications? If you aren’t prepared to answer these and other questions like them, it’s time to prepare now before a security incident strikes.

DGTech can provide the forensic solutions you need before, during, and after an incident. Our cyber security consulting services can used in the Security Agencies, civilian agencies, the Intelligence Agencies, and commercial industry.

Cyber Security Preparation

Our knowledgeable cyber security consultants can provide the necessary assistance to your organization prior to a security incident occurring. Our pre-incident services include:

Planning for a security incident

  • • Proper preparation prior to an incident can help to minimize the possible damage caused by a security breach
  • • Provide compliance and legal advice Creating and reviewing policies
  • • Effective security policies help to protect and maintain the availability network infrastructures Assisting in developing an incident response team
  • • Creating job descriptions and helping to select qualified individuals to perform incident response activities Providing incident response training
  • • Knowing the proper procedures to follow before an incident happens can help ensure digital evidence is not lost or compromised
  • • Our cybersecurity consultants will conduct scenario training to ensure you are ready to respond to an incident Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments
  • • How secure is your infrastructure? Our certified cybersecurity consults can provide assessments of your organization to help eliminate possible areas of compromise
  • • Is your staff trained to recognize an attempted breach? Social engineering engagements could provide that answer Impact assessments
  • • If a security incident were to occur, what impact would that have on business or privacy data Compliance auditing
  • • DGTech cyber security consultants use their expertise in security assessment, compliance and authorization to analyze threats to cloud and on-premise systems based on their likelihood of occurrence Software and hardware solutions
  • • Our cyber security consults can provide expert advice on selecting, installing, and using monitoring equipment and incident response software
  • • Forensically wipe drives and media to prevent compromise

  • When a Security Incident Occurs

    Our cyber security consultants can provide the necessary assistance to your organization once a security incident has occurred. Incident response services include:

    Identifying what happened

  • • Determine the details: who, what, where, when, and how
  • • Collect and analyze the evidence
  • • Maintaining digital evidence
  • • Create snapshots of devices to preserve original evidence
  • • Test the mirror devices
  • • Create a chain of custody

  • Providing liaison service

  • • Provide notifications to law enforcement, if necessary, and assist with any legal or regulatory notifications Containing the security incident
  • • Stop the damage
  • • Eradicate the problem
  • • Remove malware, remove the access, and patch the system
  • • Recover systems and return them to their pre-incident state

  • After a Security Incident Has Occurred

    After a security incident has occurred, our consultants can help your organization get things back to normal. Our post-incident services include:


  • • After action-reports and lessons learned
  • • Assist in completing notifications and filing any claims

  • Monitoring

  • • Continue to review logs

  • Compliance auditing

  • • Ensure systems are back to company or regulatory compliance status
  • • Ongoing scanning services
  • • Penetration and vulnerability assessments

  • Training

  • • Security training for IT staff
  • • Recommendations for an increased security environment
  • • Recommendations for new hardware and software

  • Litigation support

  • • Preparing the evidence
  • • Providing expert witness testimony