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From 9/11 events to the invasion of Iraq with false evidence to the so called "Arab Spring" with its destructive chaos in several Arab countries to the death of a local Saudi journalist, the media, mainly the western media, has developed a new concept of information warfare or "media warfare". No doubt that the media is a powerful tool especially when it is equipped with high technologies to do whatever it wants to control information flow.

It is important to realize that information is a phenomena that can be manipulated by humans to serve whatever agenda they might seeks. It is a well nown fact that the world is living in an exteremly dangrous information warfare, from internet warfare , media warfare, social media warfare, psychlogical warfare to intelligence warfare and others. The goal is control the human mind which is called "cognitive hacking" in order to achieve many objective especially the political one.

Journalism is to report the news and allow the audiences to make the judgement, but this is not the case when journalism loses its ethics in reporting. It became a business enterprise with huge money managed by diversified people with different views of how they look at their audiences. From conservitives to liberals and the in between is lost in the fog of information warfare.

Fortunately, the audiences now have their own media platforms through the social media like Twitter, there are now more than 2 billion people roaming this cyberspace expressing themselves out of the control of the traditional media. A new revolution of how people can talk to each other from anywhere in our planet. A new dimension where the traditional media have to face in the future in order to survive in this dynamic world.

Faking the news will be history in the next decade. Those billions of people are equipped with silos of knowledge to cruise in this cyberspace freely, they can corrolate, connect, varify and make their own judgements outside the media farms despite the fact this media is using the same platforms.


Abdulrahman Alshenaifi




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